Institutional Asset Management

Our Institutional Asset Management companies manage, invest or provide capital on behalf of a wide range of institutional investors, including public and private pension funds, endowments, foundations and insurance corporations.

Companies in this sector include:
Long/Short Hedge Funds of Funds
EU large cap. Equities Investments

SL Fiduciary Company: Independent Fiduciary Services for Employee Benefit Plans SL Casa de Bolsa: Money market dominated by the Peso, Fixed Income Securities and Equity Securities

Equity Market Risks

All investments involve risks, including the possible loss of principal. Here are some general risks associated with the various asset classes mentioned on this website. This list is not exhaustive. Each specific investment approach and

product will have its own specific risks and the risks will vary. Stock markets are subject to many factors, including economic conditions, government regulations, market conditions, local and international political events, as well as environmental and technological factors.

Rental and promotion business

SL has also been involved in the field of rental and promotion since 2019, we build new real estate projects every year, including the construction of apartments, houses, commercial buildings, etc….

Most of our residential properties are intended for rental for a minimum of 2 years.